Our studio features one main studio, three isolation booths, the control room and a kitchen. And a comfy couch.

Soundworkshop Series 34 heavily customized for A&M Studios 32 Channels, 24 Bus (recently recapped),

ADAM ANF-10s, Tannoy 824s,
AKG headphones

AKG D112, Groove Tubes GT1, Groove Tubes GT2, HEIL PR40, Oktava MC012, Sennheiser 421 (2), Sennheiser 441, Shure SM57 (5), Shure SM58 (3), Shure Beta 57, Shure KSM32, Green Bullet, Sennheiser 409 (2), Audiotechnica 37r

Outboard Mic Preamps
Drawmer 1969

Universal Audio (UREI) 1176, Chandler LTD-2 linked stereo pair, FMR RNC, Symetrix 522, Drawmer 1969, Neve/Amek 9098

Outboard Effects
Ibanez AD202 Analog Delay, Multivox MX201 Echo, Alesis Microverb IV, Alesis Midiverb II, Platesonics MODEL3600 CATHEDRAL Plate Reverb

Upright grand piano, Hammond M-1 organ, Fender Rhodes MKII (1966), Lowry Organ, Farfisa suitcase organ, Fender Silverface Twin Reverb (1971), many other instruments plus discounted rental rates from our neighbors, Centaur Guitar

Software F/X
Waves Platinum collection, Universal Audio

A/D Converters
Apogee Rosetta 800, Lucid 88192, M-Audio Profire Lightbridge (16 input, 18 simultaneous output)

DAW Software
ProTools 7.3, Fruity Loops
Analog Recorders: Otari MX 80 2” 24 Track, Fostex B-16 1/2” 16 track

Piano, pump organ, Hammond organ and Rickenbacker guitar in the main studio
Lucid analog to digital converter
Otari MX 80 two inch 24 Track analog recorder
Platesonics MODEL3600 CATHEDRAL Plate Reverb
Antique Weaver pump organ