Our Services

Recording and Mixing:

Studio day rate: (with house engineer):
$350 per 10 hour day

Studio day rate: (without engineer):
$200 per day. You must provide your own engineer. There will not be someone on call.

Recording: Our live room has 12 foot arched ceilings. There are three isolation rooms adjacent to the live room and a separate control room for the engineer. It is possible to record with everyone playing live in one room or to isolate the instruments from one another.

Other Services:

Rates on request: for composition and recording of original music for your film, commercial, wedding, your lifetime achievement award or....

Analog Tape/Phono Conversion: We can convert your cassettes, records, Two inch and half inch masters to the digital files of your choice (mp3, .wav, .aiff etc).

Voice over

Pat mixing on the Soundworkshop  board
A Fender Rhodes and a Twin Reverb in the studio