Chandelier in the sound studio


Since I began recording bands in 1997, I’ve worked with over
200 artists. Styles have run the gamut from indie, power pop and
punk to folk, avant garde and blues. Performers have ranged
from bands signed to international labels to young kids, senior
citizens and folks who figured out how to play guitar yesterday.
Whoever the artist is, I try to help them realize their musical
goals by capturing the sound they hear in their minds for
posterity on tape or CD.
Lovvers OCD Go Go Go Girls cover

Lovvers — OCD Go Go Go Girls

I worked with these 4 lads from England at Jackpot Recording in Portland OR for three weeks in March and April of 2009. The goal was to make a very melodic noise-rock-and-roll record that was more over the top than anything before.
1. OCD Go Go Girls

2. I Want To (Go)

The Exploding Hearts Guitar Romantic album cover

The Exploding Hearts — Guitar Romantic

I knew this record was good when I mixed it, but I never imagined it would change my world in the ways it did. We recorded and mixed it at my very first and very tiny Studio 13. It was all done on an analog half inch 16 Track Fostex machine, which I still have. This recording has the key ingredient to making a fantastic CD: great songs.
1. Sleeping Aides and Razorblades

2. Throwaway Style

Patrick Buckley in the studio

Patrick Buckley — Research Files

This was one of the first records done on PermaPress Recording’s SoundWorkshop Series 34 Mixing board, which came from A&M Recording. Research Files is a very quiet, acoustic guitar and vocal record. It marked the return to music of an old client of mine, Patrick Buckley. It was recorded in digital in 2009, but it doesn’t sound like it. There’s a great message in Research Files never give up on your art.
1. Subtraction

2. A Breeze to Blow Away

Catch and Release Steelhead album cover

Catch and ReleaseSteelhead

This is their second CD, completed in 2013. The band's name stems from
co-founder Chris Santella's passion for angling, but bandmates Keith
Carlson, Doug Mateer and Sloan Morris take the ensemble's folk-rock sound
beyond on the river with story songs about life, love...and, a little
1. Skinny Jeans

2. Same Old Dream

3. Greeter

The Welfare State playing live

The Welfare State — High Times

The Welfare State is songwriter Eric Gregory (Crack City Rockers), guitarist Kenny (Cosmopolitans, Amelia), drummer Greg Odell (8 Foot Tender, Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers) and bassist Freddy Trujillo (Curtis Salgado, Federale) Needless to say, these guys had been in a studio a few times before. The songs were excellent, the musicianship superb, and my job was to capture the band to tape and mostly stay out of the way. The guys really had their ideas together, and this made for great and very efficient recording. High Times was done on 2” Tape and was recorded and mixed in around 5 and 1/2 days.
1. Vertigo On Demand

2. G.O.D.

Clorox Girls J’aime Les Filles album cover

Clorox Girls — J’aime Les Filles

Justin Maurer came to me with a desire to do a french pop, punk rock record. I realized he didn’t mean pop punk and this record is the result. It’s totally different than any other Clorox Girls record and shares more with End of the Century than Rocket to Russia. It was done in 5 days on the half-inch 16 Track Fostex machine. The backing vocals were done with up to 5 of us singing at the same time — everyone had a different part and had to be placed the appropriate distance from the microphone.
1. Le Banana Split

2. Stuck in a Hole

Jerry Joseph Cherry album cover

Jerry Joseph — Cherry

1. Cloud Eyes

2. Postcards

Pat MacDonald Troubadour of Stomp album cover

Pat mAcDonald — Troubadour of Stomp

1. The Bridge Hater Song

The Soda Pop Kids Teen Bop Dream album cover

The Soda Pop Kids — Teen Bop Dream

1. Another Cigarette Ends

2. Bloodshot Eyes

Welcome Home Walker album cover

Welcome Home Walker

1. Black as the Night Goes

2. Saving Every Secret

Liz Kelly at the ocean

Liz Kelly

1. Nothing in the World

Mere Mention Actors and Actresses album cover

Mere Mention — Actors and Actresses

1. The Campground Rule

Bridge City Blues Band promo photo

Bridge City Blues Band — First Recording

I recorded and mixed their 5 song demo in a single day in the winter of 2011. The 5 piece tracked their basics live, with no overdubs. We punched a mistake or two and then overdubbed the vocals. Here is one of my favorites from the session.
1. Shake Your Money Maker